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Make a Tensegrity Table with Solid Surface

We all know Solid Surface is a great material for things such as counters, desks, and interior design elements. But, what else can this amazing material do? It’s time we put Solid Surface to use for projects that are more creative than your average slab of countertop. Today, we want to talk about making a [...]

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Custom Shelving Made of a Reliable Material

It can be hard to come by shelving that’s truly quality-made these days. Even for simple shelves made out of a real, solid material - like wood - the price can be outrageous. This is almost entirely because they’re so hard to come by. The price is higher because someone had to put in the [...]

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Solid Surface for Living Room Features

If you’re looking for an innovative and long-lasting solution to your living room inter, you should hear more about Solid Surface. You wouldn’t believe the amount of living room features that can be designed with Solid Surface. Need something in a color you can’t find anywhere else? Want furniture that won’t degrade after just a [...]

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Solid Surface Workshop Applications

A workshop is more than just the power tools stored in it; it’s also the very bones of the shop. If your workshop doesn’t have strong bones, it won’t be able to take on all of the big projects you throw at it. From carpentry to mechanics, your workbench is the most important part of [...]

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Solid Surface Construction Applications

You might have heard of Solid Surface before, but it was probably in regard to countertops. Did you know that Solid Surface can be used for a lot more than countertops? This versatile material can be used for anything from countertops to sculpted furniture. However, today, we’re going to focus on how Solid Surface can [...]

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