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Coffee Tables You Can Achieve with Solid Surface

Want an extraordinary and unique coffee table in your living room? Solid Surface may just be the unlikely source for yours. While Solid Surface is most well known for our countertop creation, we also offer our services for a variety of other uses. Solid Surface as a material is incredibly flexible in its uses. That [...]

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Custom Desks You Can Get with Solid Surface

If you’re moving to a new place or just looking to replace some of your old furniture, buying a custom desk may be a great choice for you. Whether you’re a freelance artist or a company executive that works from home, you deserve a desk that suits you. The wooden desks available at your average [...]

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How Solid Surface Compliments Your Interior Design

Finding the right components for your kitchen remodel can be difficult. If you have a specific style in mind for your cabinets and countertop, trying to find exactly what you want isn’t easy. Or, maybe you’re just looking around and aren’t really sure what you want. Regardless, finding the right countertop has never been so [...]

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Using Solid Surface for Professional Signage

Parts for Display Sign made of Solid Surface Building a sign that you feel really captures the essence of your business can be a challenge. However, once you get the perfect sign, you want it to last, right? After just a few years, signs made out of your typical building materials end up damaged [...]

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A More Functional Laundry Room with Solid Surface

Laundry isn’t a big deal when it’s just you but, when you’ve got a whole family living together, it can become a huge task. Are you looking for a way to make laundry easier? Solid Surface is almost certainly the answer. Let’s take a look at some ways that Solid Surface can make your laundry [...]

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A Better Alternative to Tile and Natural Stone in Showers

Everyone loves it when their bathroom looks up-to-date and attractive. And, these days, most people’s idea of attractive, when it comes to showers, involves natural stone slabs or tiles. However, natural stone slabs and tiles are pretty expensive. Plus, they come with some other downsides as well. That’s why Corian is pleased to inform you [...]

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