Corian has a wide range of potential uses and applications, throughout both your home and your business.

Corian is a perfect selection for your kitchen countertop or sink.  All Corian countertops, sinks and backsplashes are custom-designed for your specific project, ensuring seamless integration.  This not only creates the illusion of a single, unified surface, but it also reduces cracks, crevices and seams where harmful bacteria or mildew can thrive.  Corian’s a non-porous surface, as well, ensuring that bacteria can’t penetrate deep into your countertop.

Corian can match any traditional kitchen design elements you have in mind; its wide range of colors and styles can work for any aesthetic you have in mind.  From a new kitchen island to prefabricated sinks, high-performance Corian is a fantastic choice for your kitchen renovation.

Corian’s flowing look and ease of maintenance makes it the perfect choice for your bathroom, as well.  From vanities to sinks to tub or shower surrounds, Corian’s easy-to-maintain, non-porous and mold-, mildew- and bacteria-resistant properties makes it an elegant and safe choice for all surfaces in your bathroom.  Your countertops and backsplashes will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom design, creating a beautiful, unified look throughout.

If you’re designing a corporate or public space, then Corian is a perfect choice, as well.  Corian can withstand the wear and tear of heavy use and heavy traffic without sacrificing its aesthetic or design power.  Whether you’re looking to promote your brand or to provide a welcoming environment for your clientele, Corian is a wonderful choice.