Use Solid Surface to Create Artisan Columns

If you have an eye for strong architecture, you may have some opinions about columns. Here at Solid Surface Fabricator, we appreciate columns. They lend support to a structure, but they offer the opportunity to get creative. Considering Solid Surface does the same things, you can imagine why we think they work well together. So, [...]

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Why Solid Surface Makes the Best Professional Kitchen Countertop

Any kitchen needs a quality countertop. However, a professional kitchen countertop needs something a bit… extra. The amount of work done in a professional kitchen can destroy an unsuitable countertop in mere months. However, the standard of stainless steel, used in large restaurant kitchens, isn’t right for every establishment. If you have a professional kitchen [...]

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The Most Reliable Solid Surface Countertop Manufacturer

If you’ve heard of Solid Surface, you’ve no doubt heard great things about its countertop applications. After all, that’s what it’s most known for! Solid Surface makes fantastic countertops for a number of reasons. Its great ability to function in that role has, over the years, inspired many companies to take a stab at Solid [...]

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Solid Surface Countertops Vs. Quartz Countertops

Countertops are one of the most important surfaces in our homes. Without them, preparing a meal would be quite an ordeal. Cheap countertops take a beating from the everyday use they get. We use knives, heavy pots, hot pans, and much more on these important surfaces. Therefore, cheap countertops are quick to succumb to the [...]

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The Perfect Source for Outdoor Benches

An outdoor bench can really change the atmosphere of any location. Whether that’s a public park, outside a clinic, or in your own backyard, outdoor benches are an invitation to stay a while. “Sit back and relax,” they say. “You don’t have to go anywhere.” The question everyone is asking now is, “Where can I [...]

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