Replace Outdated Tile Countertops with Corian

Old, tile countertops were a huge trend in the late half of the twentieth century. However, tile countertops come with a lot of drawbacks - especially when they’re decades old. If you’ve got outdated tile countertops and want to replace them, let us encourage you. Here are some reasons you should make the switch to [...]

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Simple, Durable Laundry Room Countertops

Does your laundry room need an improvement in quality? Or, are you just now making the leap to having a separate laundry space? A high quality laundry room will really change the way you experience everyday chores. The first step to making that improvement worthwhile is investing in good laundry room countertops. Solid Surface is [...]

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Solid Surface Coffee Table Tabletop Designs

Solid Surface is well known as a countertop material, but is that all there is to it? Of course not! This versatile material can be used to craft virtually anything you want for your home. But, while the possibilities are endless, let’s focus on something simple that could change your entire interior: your coffee table. [...]

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Cafe Bar Countertop for Customer Seating

If you’ve ever needed to get out of your own head to finish working on something, you might know a cafe is the perfect getaway. Whether you’re finishing a homework assignment or meeting a work deadline, a cafe has your back. There’s nothing quite as effective as grabbing a coffee, buying a sandwich, and sitting [...]

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Custom Kitchen Island Countertops from Corian

Making your kitchen personal, efficient, and attractive can take a lot of work. However, Corian Solid Surface makes the job a little easier. If you’re installing an island, you’re going to need kitchen island countertops. We suggest you get yours from Solid Surface Fabricator. Here’s what you would be missing if you didn’t. Durability That [...]

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