Looking to remodel your home?  Then you should know that Corian surfaces have dozens of residential applications.  No matter what your home’s style is, you can find a Corian surface that will help bring your designs to life.

Corian is a beautiful, strong and versatile material.  With over 100 different colors and patterns to choose from, there’s certain to be a design or style that meets with your approval, providing the final visual flourishes to your home.  It’s a long-lasting surface, as well, easy to maintain and keep looking brand new, without complicated or expensive sealing or patching.

In the kitchen, Corian countertops combine extraordinary design flexibility with hygienic benefits.  As a non-porous surface, Corian doesn’t allow stains, mold, mildew or bacteria to seep into its surface, meaning simple cleaning is all you need to keep your surface clean and ready to use.  Corian also is seamless, providing fewer cracks and crevices for dirt to infiltrate.  It’s ideal for worktops, backsplashes and integral sinks, to name just a few applications.  Whether you’re looking for a modern, minimalist look or a classic rustic look, Corian countertops can fit into your design in the kitchen.

Corian excels in the bathroom, as well.  Wall cladding, shower trays, vanity tops and bowls can all be made out of Corian, providing durable, nonporous, easy to clean and good looking design to your bathroom.  The last thing you want is have a high-maintenance bathroom; Corian is the best combination of ease of maintenance and luxurious elegance on the market.

With so much customization available in terms of look, color and style, we have no doubt you’ll find a Corian product that’s perfect for your home.  Corian Pros has been providing the Greater Toronto Area with Corian fabrication and installation for over fifteen years, so we know we can help you find the Corian surface of your dreams.  Contact us today!