What’s a Corian charging surface?  It’s a solution that allows you to power up your smart devices, wirelessly.  It’s extraordinarily convenient, and a fantastic, modern addition to any countertop or other smart surface.

Wireless power uses narrow magnetic fields that are a natural part of how electrical current moves through wires. It starts by creating a magnetic field around a hidden electrical coil. The receiving device has a hidden coil that can receive the magnetic energy created, thereby transferring power wirelessly.  An expert installation professional – like the ones at Corian Pros – can install individual wireless charging units into your new countertop, taking advantage of this inductive coupling.  Simply connect a receiver – a ring or charging case – to your smart device, place it on the charging spot, and watch your battery refill.  It’s that simple!

It’s a smart surface, as well.  Your device will stop charging when it reaches maximum battery capacity, helping avoid damage or loss of battery life.  It’s a tremendous addition to the modern smart home, a retail environment, hospitality areas, and much, much more.

Any Corian solid surface could be a potential wireless charging station.  You could have your tablet charge on your kitchen countertop as you eat breakfast, or your smartphone charge on your bathroom counter as you brush your teeth.  Breakfast nooks, dining areas and more – no matter where you are, you can keep your smart devices at full capacity.

For businesses, a Corian charging surface is a great draw for potential customers.  It’s a plug-and-play system compatible with a wide variety of devices, allowing all your customers to charge up as they shop, drink their coffee or get help.

It’s also entirely safe – there’s no risk of being shocked by a Corian charging surface, because there’s no electrical current flowing between the transmitter and the receiver.  Devices won’t overheat or overcharge when using a wireless charger, and you can expect the same battery longevity as charging with a wall outlet.

Corian Pros is proud to offer Corian charging surfaces to the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us today!