Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom at home or are planning the interior of a commercial bathroom, trough sinks are worth looking into. Corian Solid Surface has just the right stuff to make durable, beautiful, trough sinks a reality for you. Not only can you order trough sinks from us, you can order them to match your new counters. What are trough sinks? These wonderful sinks are trending right now for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at what they are and why we offer them.

Trending Sink Design

Trough sinks are boxy, rectangular sinks. They’ve gone up in trend recently. This is not only because they fit well into current design trends, but because they’re more hygienic. These beautiful sinks are easy to care for and a great opportunity to ditch the metal drains in favor of slot drains.

Slot Drains

What are slot drains? These drains are a slot, usually at the back or front of the sink, where water drains away. This is achieved by having a flat, slanted bottom to the sink. These slots look a lot nicer than metal sink drains and are easier to keep clean. Not only are they more hygienic, they won’t rust or gather grime the way metal drains will where they’re installed. Solid Surface trough sinks are able to make slot drains a sleek reality for you.

Match Your Interior

One of the perks of ordering a trough sink from Corian is the ability to match it to your countertops. If you’re replacing your countertops, you can order both in the exact same material. This will give your counters a very nice uniformity. Ditch the standard, white sinks. They stand out and can throw off the balance of colors in your bathroom interior. Matching your sink to your counters will keep things looking the way you planned them to.

Order Commercially

Trough sinks aren’t just great for at home. They’re also a fantastic choice for commercial bathrooms. What is it that makes them such a good choice? For one, they’re more hygienic, and hygiene is extra important in public spaces. Germs can spread fast in commercial bathrooms so having a sink that’s easy to clean is invaluable.

Not only is a trough sink easier to keep clean and bacteria free, you only need one. If you order the standard, you’ll need multiple sinks in a public bathroom. After all, multiple bathroom stalls means multiple people may need to wash their hands at the same time. However, with a trough sink, more length means more room for more people. Just order a longer sink and install enough faucets to accommodate your guests.

Customize Your Order

One of the biggest benefits to ordering Corian is that we don’t just have static options. You can order whatever length, width, or depth you desire. You can even order a unique shape. Want a curved sink? You’ve got it! What we’re capable of making, we’ll make at your request. Being flexible and giving our customers what they need is our number one priority.