Corian solid surfaces are both stylish and functional.  The design flexibility Corian provides makes it the perfect choice for commercial applications, with a durability, versatility and flexibility other surface simply can’t match.

With over 100 colors and patterns to choose from, Corian can match any design aesthetic you have in mind.  It’s exceptionally versatile, as well – Corian can be cut and joined to meet any size requirements you have, and thermoformed into a wide range of shapes.  Corian is an ideal choice for almost any situation.

Corian’s uses go beyond countertops and backsplashes.  The long-lasting, durable, non-porous surface is ideal for a wide array of applications in healthcare, food service, education, lodging, corporate environments and public spaces.  Potential applications include:

  • Indoor and outdoor shop fronts
  • Shower and bath surrounds
  • Display cases
  • Elevators
  • Shelves
  • Trash receptacles
  • Bar tops
  • Service areas
  • Conference tables
  • Lighting fixtures
  • And much more!

As a non-porous surface, Corian is ideal for public spaces.  Its nature means that it won’t collect stains, mildew, mold or bacteria.  It can’t seep into the surface, unlike granite or marble.  That means simple cleaning is enough to keep your Corian surfaces performing at full strength, rather than the expensive and time consuming sealing and maintenance other surfaces require.

Corian’s durable as well.  Scratches and dents can easily be repaired, as Corian’s patterns go all the way through the material.  It can stand up to heavy foot traffic and frenzied use that comes from public commercial applications.

Corian’s heat-resistant and non-toxic, and boasts NSF compliance.  It’s also GREENGUARD certified as a low-VOC emitting material.  That makes it an ideal choice for restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities.

Corian Pros has been providing Corian installation and fabrication for both residential and commercial applications to the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years.  If you’re looking for trustworthy contractors who will get the job done to deadline and budget, we’re your top choice.  Contact us today for a quote and consultation!