Medical and healthcare environments are some of the most demanding out there.  Countertops can’t just be aesthetically pleasing or functional; they have to play a vital role in preventing the spread of infection.  Corian medical countertops are the perfect choice for healthcare environments of all shapes and sizes.

As a nonporous material, Corian medical countertops help fight against the growth of mold or mildew, as well as preventing harmful bacteria from seeping into their surface.  With proper cleaning, Corian will remain far more sanitary than porous natural stone.  Corian’s easy of cleaning and maintenance makes it a popular choice in the busiest of environments.  As an added bonus, its seamless nature not only reduces cracks and crevasses where bacteria could hide, but creates a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Corian countertops are also extremely durable and long-lasting.  Surfaces like laminate can often get damaged in a high-traffic environment, while Corian can withstand a beating for year after year after year.

Corian is easy to renew and repair, as well – most damage can easily be repaired, because the patterns and colors go all the way through the material.

Corian is GREENGUARD Certified as a low VOC-emitting material, and is GREENGUARD listed in terms of microbial resistance.  It’s Class I Fire Rated, and meets all relevant NSF/ANSI standards, to boot.  It’s the perfect choice for a safe, healthy environment.

Corian medical countertops are also stain and slip resistant, making them very user-friendly.  The wide range of colors and patterns available allow architects and designers to create spaces that meet any sort of mood you’re looking for – its versatility is off the charts.

Corian Pros is proud to service the Greater Toronto Area with Corian medical countertops.  For over 15 years, we’ve been fabricating and installing Corian in a wide variety of setting, from commercial to medical to residential.  No matter how big or small your project, we can help!