What is Corian?

Corian is DuPont’s trademarked solid surface material.  It was the very first solid surface countertop available on the market, and retains its position as the industry leader in kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes and vanities.

How do you clean Corian?

Corian is very simple to clean, with no special products required.  Plain soapy water, or an ammonia-based cleaner, will manage any day-to-day cleaning needs you may find.  Minor scratches, burns or discolorations can easily be repaired as well, as Corian’s solid surface properties means your color and pattern go through the entire material, not just the top layer.

Does Corian stain easily?

Not at all!  Corian is stain-resistant.  Its non-porous surface ensures that stains can’t penetrate deep into your countertop.  It’s very easy to clean and maintain, without requiring complicated and expensive sealing.

Is Corian heat-resistant?

Corian is heat-resistant up to temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius.  That being said, we do not recommend placing hot pots or pans directly onto your Corian surface.  A hot pad or trivet will help keep your counter protected from any potential heat damage.

Don’t Corian countertops look artificial?

Not necessarily!  Corian comes in a wide range of patterns and styles, many of which mimic the natural elegance and beauty of marble, granite or other stones.  Corian’s wide variety of colors and options gives you a great deal of options in your next project.

How many colors are available?

At the moment, Corian boasts more than 100 different colors and patterns, with a wide range of textures and finishes to further customize your countertops.  Check out our finishes and colors page for more details.

Can Corian worktops be formed into different shapes and designs?

Corian’s manufacturing and composition means that it can be crafted into almost any shape you can imagine.  It is easy to shape, join and form, meaning you can have integrated sinks, overhangs, splash backs and much, much more.  If you can imagine it, Corian can probably fit it