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How to Remove Stains From Solid Surface Countertops

Is there anything worse than a clean kitchen with a stained countertop? No matter how you scrub at your countertop with a sponge, that red Kool-Aid stain is just not coming out. At least, not if you don’t have Solid Surface. With Solid Surface countertops, it’s easy to remove stains from your countertops. Countertop Stains [...]

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Easy-to-Sanitize Countertops for Your Kitchen

Trying to keep things clean during the years of COVID-19 has been hard for all of us. But, even as the fears of the pandemic begin to wane, we have become more aware of our hygiene practices and become accustomed to taking better care of our surroundings. If you’re becoming more aware of the hygienic [...]

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Solid Surface Kitchen Sinks That Mimic Stone

Tired of your stunning kitchen being bogged down by a stainless steel sink that sticks out like a sore thumb? Have you ever wondered why bathrooms have ceramic sinks but kitchens always have metal? You’re not the only one. With some help from Solid Surface, you can have a sink that matches your design, looks [...]

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Create a Patio Wet Bar with Solid Surface

This summer, take things outdoors and crank up the fun with an outdoor, patio wet bar. Whether you plan to share the evening with family, friends, or your date, a wet bar makes having drinks a higher occasion. Solid Surface is exactly what you need to make your new patio wet bar everything you imagine [...]

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Expand Your Kitchen with an Island Bar

Kitchen space is one of the most vital parts of any functional home. When your kitchen is lacking in counter space, it can make meal prep a nightmare. Plus, so many of us have unused space in the center of the kitchen. Here’s why you should expand your kitchen with an island bar with help [...]

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