Put Solid Surface to Use in Your RestaurantRunning a restaurant means a lot of responsibility. Not only do you and your staff have to deliver quality food to guests, you also have to take care to do it hygienically. A very important feature in any restaurant is its counters. From food prep to a number of other things, counters are everywhere. Let’s take a look at all the ways Solid Surface can help your restaurant to run more smoothly.

Food Preparation

When preparing a meal for one of your customers, you’ll need somewhere spacious to do it. Every kitchen has counters in it for this purpose. However, the counters each kitchen has are not equal. Some have old laminate counters or even painted wood. While some large kitchens use stainless steel work spaces, these won’t do for a smaller kitchen in need of cabinet storage.

When looking for countertops for traditional cabinets, Corian Solid Surface is the product for you. Solid Surface has a number of advantages over other surfaces.

  • With no cracks, indents, or seams, Solid Surface doesn’t collect bacteria the way laminate or tile counters do. That makes it the more hygienic choice for food service buildings.
  • Fast-paced work with a lot of countertop traffic won’t damage Solid Surface. Due to its completely solid nature, Corian Solid Surface stands up to a lot of wear and tear. Even if your staff manages to crack or chip the surface – a hard feat to achieve – it can be repaired easily with a little help from Corian. All that’s necessary is a little more Solid Surface compound and some sanding.
  • Solid Surface can be shaped to fit any kitchen. From size to shape to color, Corian can give you whatever you need. If you want a curve to your countertops, you’ve got it. If you want a backsplash, we’ve got you covered.

Matching Sinks

An important feature of food service is aesthetic. If you want customers to feel at home in your restaurant, you’ve got to provide them with an atmosphere. In restaurants or diners with visible kitchens or work spaces, having a sink that doesn’t stand out against the rest of the interior is important.

Luckily, Corian also offers Solid Surface sinks. Our sinks can fit whatever dimensions you need. They can come in any of the colors available for countertops as well, so they’ll certainly match your counters. We even seal and sand down the seams between our sinks and counters. That ensures there’s no risk of bacteria growth where cloths and sponges can’t reach to clean.

Payment Counters

5-star restaurants aren’t the only kind of food service that can benefit from Corian countertops. Fast food, diners, and coffee shops can also implement them. Using Solid Surface for drink preparation means an easy space to wipe clean and a cookie that matches your aesthetic.

What all three of these establishments have in common, however, is the use of payment counters. Solid Surface makes a fantastic fixture for cash registers and transactions. Many countertops will get a large patch of wear where customers and staff slide money and orders across the counter. Solid Surface, on the other hand, will maintain its pattern and color no matter how many years it’s in service. Even if a slight dip is worn into its surface, its color will remain as vibrant and consistent as ever.

If you’d like to learn more about Corian Solid Surface, contact us or take a further look around our website. We’ve got a lot to offer to businesses and homeowners alike.