Solid Surface Kitchen Sinks That Mimic Stone

Tired of your stunning kitchen being bogged down by a stainless steel sink that sticks out like a sore thumb? Have you ever wondered why bathrooms have ceramic sinks but kitchens always have metal? You’re not the only one. With some help from Solid Surface, you can have a sink that matches your design, looks amazing, and comes with the same kind of benefits metal sinks do. Check out how you can get sinks that mimic stone with all of the benefits and none of the downsides.

Custom Sink Designs and Dimensions

If you care about the appearance of your kitchen, you might also be a creative mind who needs more freedom. Well, you can’t get much more freedom than complete customization. If you want your sink to be unusual dimensions, divided in special ways, or even a unique shape, Solid Surface allows you that freedom. This can be especially useful for people who cook a lot or who use their kitchen appliances for other work like chemistry or crafting.

Match Your Sink to Your Countertops

Even if you don’t need your sink to be unusually shaped, you can benefit from the customizability of Solid Surface. Specifically, we want you to know that you can get sinks from us that mimic stone. This is especially convenient if you’re interested in matching your sink to your countertops.

Having beautiful countertops in black or white stone looks so luxurious. Too bad having a stainless steel sink can really destroy the aesthetic. With Solid Surface kitchen sinks, you can have a sink that blends in with the countertops. Your sink will even look like the real thing to anyone with an untrained eye. We can mimic the natural designs in stone like granite, marble, quartz, and more.

Prevent Staining

One of the biggest concerns one might have when considering the switch from stainless steel to something white is staining. Kitchen sinks get a lot of use and see a lot of nasty things from day to day. Fortunately, you can prevent staining when using Solid Surface.

Solid Surface, unlike expensive, authentic stone, can be sanded down from time to time to remove scratches, damage, and also discoloring. If you use your Solid Surface kitchen sink for a few years and find that it’s started to yellow from acidic food or coffee stains, you can fix it, or have a professional fix it. Using some fine sandpaper, you can gently remove the stained top layer of the compound, revealing the unaffected design hidden underneath. As the name suggests, Solid Surface maintains its design all the way through, just like natural stone.

Replace Countertops at the Same Time

If you’re considering the switch to stone countertops, consider Solid Surface instead. All of the great benefits that come with Solid Surface sinks come with the countertops as well. Get matching countertops and sink in beautiful, natural stone designs that look like the real thing and cost a fraction of the price.