Create a Patio Wet Bar with Solid SurfaceThis summer, take things outdoors and crank up the fun with an outdoor, patio wet bar. Whether you plan to share the evening with family, friends, or your date, a wet bar makes having drinks a higher occasion. Solid Surface is exactly what you need to make your new patio wet bar everything you imagine it to be. Here’s how relying on Solid Surface can ensure your new bar is high quality and long-lasting.

Custom Patio Wet Bar Countertop

If you want a durable outdoor wet bar for your patio, there are a few reasons to consider Solid Surface. The first reason is that Solid Surface is completely customizable. Buying a new wet bar for your patio offers a great opportunity to give your home exterior some flair. Not only that, it’s a great statement about your personal taste. Using a material as flexible in style as Solid Surface means creating a countertop that’s exactly what you want.

Solid Surface is made using a liquid compound, like cement. We pour that compound into a mold and then let it set. However, unlike cement, when Solid Surface has set, we can heat it up and reshape it. This process is called thermoforming. Thermoforming, combined with our ability to make Solid Surface any color or pattern we want, means a custom wet bar countertop that’s one of a kind.

Solid Surface Makes a Durable Patio Wet Bar

Solid Surface is more than just it’s fabulous appearance. What sets it apart from other countertop materials is its durability. This countertop can handle all the usual wet bar activities and then some. The outdoors can bring with it a bit more chaos than the average kitchen. There’s wind, sports, and people, who can get rowdy when drunk. If something falls into the wet bar and impacts it, it’s not likely to break. You can’t always say the same for easily-cracked stone.

The cool thing is that, even if something heavy enough manages to break or crack a Solid Surface patio wet bar, it’s easy to repair. Something made of natural stone will be impossible to repair without visible repair lines. A countertop made of wood and tile will end up with tons of shattered tiles if hit with something hard and heavy. And, unfortunately, tiles are very difficult to replace nicely. These countertops often aren’t worth the labor put into repairing them.

With Solid Surface, even if the countertop is broken into three pieces, you can simply apply some of the Solid Surface liquid compound of the same color like glue and let it set. When the liquid has set, it will be just as durable as it was before. It can then be sanded down to be perfectly flat and look just like new.

Buy a Patio Wet Bar in Toronto

Getting a high quality patio wet bar in Toronto is just the thing to ring in this new summer. With the pandemic resolutely moving past us, we can finally get back to something normal. So, get your new bar installed and call up some friends to catch up over some ice cold drinks.