Solid Surface's AdvantagesWhy pick solid surface over other surfaces?  Picking a material for your kitchen and bathroom can be difficult, but the more you research Corian and other solid surface brands, the more obvious the decision becomes.  Let us just count the ways solid surface can help you:


Solid surface is non-porous.  That means there’s no cracks and crevices for mold and mildew to hide and fester in.  Dirt and stains simply won’t penetrate into your countertops, making them easy to clean and easy to keep safe.


Solid surface can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius without issue.  Any heat marks up to that point can be easily erased without any permanent damage.


Solid surface’s color and pattern goes all the way through the material.  That’s convenient because minor scratches and scrapes can be buffed out without affecting the look of your countertops or other surfaces – the pattern and color will remain the same!


Solid surfaces can be crafted and formed into almost any shape imaginable – it’s much easier to work with than marble or other natural surfaces.  Combined with its wide variety of colors and styles, that gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to design.


Solid surfaces are durable and tough, meaning that they will end up lasting you a very long time indeed.  The regular nicks and cuts that might come from daily wear and tear are easily buffed out and fixed with solid surface, as opposed to the effort needed to repair more natural surfaces.  That keeps solid surface looking strong and sharp for years after installation.


Solid surface is environmentally friendly, with its renewable and durable surface meaning it will last longer and not require dangerous chemicals to clean.


Solid surface is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and chemically unreactive.  That makes it great for commercial food prep or medical use.