The Best Sinks for Solid Surface CountertopsSolid Surface counters make a point of being different from other countertop materials. So, do you have to get a special kind of sink to go with it? In the end, the choice is up to you. But, here’s what we think are the best sinks for pairing with Solid Surface countertops.

The Most Common Sinks

So, before we get into what sinks we think you should use, we want to offer some more information. Namely, we want to make sure you know the names of the most common types of sinks.

If you usually rent apartments or buy standard, built-for-market homes, you’re probably most familiar with the drop-in sink. This is also called the top-mounted sink. These sinks have a rim around the top, which is what they rest on. The basin of the sink is dropped through a hole in the countertop and the rim rests on the countertop. These sinks are simple and cheap to make. However, they also come with the downside of having a ridge between the countertop and sink basin. Wiping the mess from your counter into your sink means things getting caught on the rim of the sink.

While drop-in sinks are perfectly possible to pair with Solid Surface, we don’t recommend them due to the simple fact that they don’t match very well, stylistically. Solid Surface has a high quality appearance, and drop-in sinks typically look cheap. Instead, we suggest the following:

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are the exact opposite of drop-in (or top-mount) sinks. These sinks also have a basin-sized hole in the countertop. However, instead of hanging from the countertop by a rim, they’re positioned directly below the hole in the countertop and sealed beneath.

The reason this is one of the best sinks for Solid Surface countertops is that undermount sinks come in a huge variety of qualities and materials. Drop-in sinks must be made of a material, like stainless steel, that’s strong enough to hang from the rim. Undermount sinks can be made from many types of metal, or even stone.

Farmhouse/Apron Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are similar in shape to undermount sinks. However, instead of remaining hidden behind the cabinetry and under the countertop, they dominate. A farmhouse sink’s upper edge sits inside the hole in the countertop, rather than under it. The top of the sink and countertop rest level with each other. Additionally, the front of the sink basin lies parallel with the front of the countertop. The countertop is completely open in front, allowing the sink to be completely visible where it sits atop the cabinetry beneath it.

The reason this is one of the best sinks for Solid Surface countertops is that it’s bold and solid. These hefty sinks are thick enough and bold enough not to wilt, visually, when placed beside Solid Surface. Plus, they’re high quality and can be made with either metal, ceramic, or stone.

Solid Surface Sinks

Finally, we think that the best sinks for Solid Surface countertops will always be those made of Solid Surface. Granted, this is a material difference and not a style difference. You could order a Solid Surface sink in the farmhouse or undermount style.

Why do we recommend Solid Surface sinks the most?

  1. The color can be matched to the countertop.
  2. The color can be made an accent to the countertop.
  3. Your Solid Surface sink can be attached seamlessly to your Solid Surface countertop.

If you’re looking for the perfect sink for your Solid Surface countertops, these are your best options. Call us today if you need help with your countertops or Solid Surface sink order.