Custom Bathroom Countertops with Unique DesignsYour bathroom doesn’t have to be a simple room. In fact, it doesn’t have to be anything other than what your heart desires! So many people opt for simplistic bathroom interior design because that’s what everyone else does. But, your bathroom is meant to cater to you. So, why not personalize your bathroom with custom bathroom countertops? Not sure how to customize bathroom countertops? Let’s take a look at some of the many ways you can make them personal.

Cool Patterns and Designs

One of the great benefits of using Solid Surface for your countertops is that you can create cool patterns and designs. Solid Surface is made from a liquid compound that solidifies like concrete. Because it starts as a liquid, you can do a lot with it. For example, you can swirl two colors together, like a marble cake. Or, you can splatter the surface of your base color with an accent color. Instead of swirling the colors, you can even drizzle one on top of the other like a pastry glaze. No matter what you choose to do with the colors, your end result will be one solid countertop that looks amazing.

Unusual Shapes and Curves

Solid Surface isn’t just great for color ingenuity. You can also get original with the shapes and curves of your custom bathroom countertops. Avoid hitting your hip on the corner by curving the edge. Create a bevel that adds some pizzazz to your custom bathroom countertop.

However, designing a really cool, custom bathroom countertop isn’t just adding a curve to the standard countertop. You can also go fully original. Consider a countertop made with stacked rings, like a spine. Or, how about a bubble shape with a dip in the middle that functions as the sink bowl? You can really do anything you want with Solid Surface. It’s an incredibly versatile material.

Design Convenience

Because you get to customize your bathroom countertops as much as you want when working with Solid Surface, let’s consider convenience. Design isn’t always about looking outrageous; it’s also about living in comfort.

Tired of cramming a bathroom trashcan beside your toilet? Keep a larger one under your sink and throw out trash through a countertop hole. This makes a larger trashcan more practical and throwing out trash easy. Plus, you get to hide your trash from the eyes of your guests.

Bathroom Countertops That Last

If you want custom bathroom countertops that last, you should always rely on Solid Surface. It’s versatile, but it’s also durable, long lasting, and easy to repair. Our countertops are hard to break but, if you do, they can be repaired by simply gluing the pieces together with more Solid Surface. Once hardened, any seams can be sanded and buffed out, returning you to a flawless solid.

Call us today at Solid Surface Fabricator if you’re interested in making your bathroom a personalized space. We’re happy to get you on track to ordering custom bathroom countertops for your home.