Why Solid Surface Beats Wood for Design ProjectsDo you bring designs to life professionally or as a hobby? We want to tell you how Solid Surface beats wood for design projects. There a number of benefits to using Solid Surface over wood. Here are a few:


If you’ve got the kind of shop that can handle designing with wood, you can also design with Solid Surface. On a large scale, Solid Surface can be altered with thermoforming. It can also be carved, sanded, cut, and otherwise manipulated from its solid form. That makes it great for projects like sign and furniture building.

Varied Colors

Solid Surface comes in a number of colors and can also be custom ordered in a color of your choosing. The great thing about Solid Surface that beats wood is that it doesn’t need to be painted and, therefore, won’t peel over time. It will maintain its consistent coloring even after years of use, both indoors and outdoors.

Better than Plastic

If you’re looking for a material that’s colorful and doesn’t need paint, why not use plastic? We’ll tell you why. Plastic will sustain damage more easily over time. Plastic signage can crack or pieces can break off entirely. The only way to fix a plastic sign that’s broken in such a way is by replacing it.

Solid Surface doesn’t need to be replaced if it’s cracked or broken. It can simply be “glued” back together by putting more of the Solid Surface compound between the two pieces. It then gets sanded down so that there’s no ridge where the split was. Good as new!

Durable and Reliable

Not only is Solid Surface great for bringing designs to life, your designs will also last. Solid Surface is made for countertops, originally. That means it’s made to withstand the wear and tear of a regularly used kitchen. From heavy pots to hot pans, it can take a lot without breaking. It’s exactly the kind of material you’d want for large signage, tabletops, and even roofing. Check out how it’s being relied on to preserve the famous and historical Pompeii archeological sites.

Less Susceptible to Nature

Wood may be a great material for furniture that comes and goes in a matter of a decade or two, but don’t try to put wood outside. Moisture, fungus, and animals will be quick to make it decay. Old signs that have run out of protective paint will quickly grow susceptible to mold and other unfortunate natural occurrences. Solid Surface, on the other hand, will not. With no natural, fibrous parts to it, no fungus, animals, or otherwise will be interested in turning Solid Surface into a snack or a new home. Even if grime does begin to affect its appearance, it can quickly be washed clean and it will be good as new. This makes Solid Surface ideal for outdoor signage, patio tables, or even outdoor chairs.

If you’d like to learn more about ordering Solid Surface, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need!