A Durable and Customizable Material for a Bathtub Frame

While fiberglass tub and shower combos are the standard in most small bathrooms, sometimes a master bathroom calls for more. Master bathrooms benefit from having a separate tub and shower. This makes showers more comfortable and baths more luxurious and open. However, when you have a tub all by its lonesome, it’s best to build a frame around it. Here’s how Solid Surface can help.

What Are Bathtub Frames For?

Bathtub frames are typically built for large drop-in or soaker tubs. These tubs, like drop-in kitchen sinks, curve out at the top and are meant to be, as the name implies, dropped into a frame. Unlike tub/shower combos that are fixed to the wall, or clawfoot tubs which are standalone, large soaker tubs and drop-ins benefit from some support.

Benefits of a Bathtub Frame

You’ve almost certainly seen bathtub frames before. They’re often tiled and the frames are usually used as shelving or a display surface. A tub in a frame is not flush with the wall, so the back part of the frame is a great place to put potted plants, candles, or your shampoo and soap.

Clawfoot tubs force you to rely entirely on a separate piece of furniture for storing things. If you want to take a bath, candles will have to be put on the bathroom counter, shampoo and soap will need to be put, perhaps, in a side table near the tub. Reaching things can be tricky and will usually lead to getting water on the floor.

Tub/shower combos, on the other hand, do come with some built in storage. The downside is that it’s usually pretty inelegant. If you use your combo to shower, the interior shelving will get wet where bottles and soaps are stored. This water will fail to dry properly between showers and leads to mildew and mold.

When you have a tub with a frame, you can keep the water, largely, inside the tub itself. A few drips as you reach for the soap right beside you on the frame is no problem, and it doesn’t end up on the floor.

Customizable Bathtub Frame

Standard bathtub frames are typically made with wood and then tiled over to make them waterproof. However, the most common tiles make an ending result that looks like it belongs in the 70s, even if you choose neutral colors.

Improve bathtub frame design with a customizable material that has a modern appearance. With Solid Surface, we can create a bathtub frame that’s completely waterproof, durable, and a custom shape, color, and size. If you prefer a curved side, we can do it. We can also bevel the edge so it’s not so boxy. You can choose any color you like, including those that look like natural stone. We can even layer colors to create something with stripes in whatever arrangement you like.

Bath-Specific Adornments

One of the great perks of Solid Surface’s versatility is that we can add bath-specific adornments to your bathtub frame. Do you like to drink champagne when you bathe? We can add a hole for a bucket of ice to sit in. Tired of your bar of soap slipping off the edge of the tub? We can create a dip in the surface of the tub where you want your soap to go. If you have many soaps, we can make the divot big enough to hold them all on display. Anything you could build with wood can be built with Solid Surface, with significantly higher durability, longevity, and beauty.