Cafe Countertops That Are Made to LastIf you have a cafe, you know how fast countertops can wear down with use. From making food to sliding change across the surface, there’s a lot that can damage them. However, standard laminate or tile countertops aren’t the only options. Cafe countertops that are made with Solid Surface are made to last. Here’s why Solid Surface is the best choice for your cafe.

Cozy Appearance

Sleek, stainless steel countertops are right at home in a big, 5-star kitchen. However, when working in a cafe, stainless steel can feel pretty lifeless. This isn’t just because of the cold, metallic appearance. Working on a stainless steel kitchen counter means echoey metallic sounds as well, each time you put something down.

Solid Surface is hard and completely solid. Working from a Solid Surface countertop means quieter food preparation and a more comfortable aesthetic.

Custom Countertop Color

Installing countertops in a cafe – in the kitchen and at the register alike – you want to pick an appearance that reinforces the cafe aesthetic. Even cafes with a more rustic or industrial vibe don’t fit well with steel.

Solid Surface countertops can be any color you want. Because Solid Surface is made with a liquid compound, like cement, you can mix in any color before it sets. That means an industrial interior could go with a bronze or copper-colored countertop. Or, if you have your accents elsewhere, you could also opt for solid black. Likewise, if you have a more lighthearted cafe, you can choose another color, like yellow, or baby blue. No matter what kind of interior your cafe has, you can find a cozy cafe countertop color from Solid Surface.

Unique Cafe Countertop Shape

Not every cafe needs rectangular cafe countertops. If your cafe is in need of something with a little more character, we can help. Solid Surface can be put into any shape of mold and can also be thermoformed as it hardens. That means long, curved countertops are easy to make. Any design you can think of for your cafe countertops is likely achievable with Solid Surface. Just give us a call and let’s talk about your design needs.

Durable Cafe Countertops

While appearances are a great way to start, they’re not the be-all-end-all of countertop design. What a cafe needs more than anything is durable cafe countertops that are made to last. What is it that makes Solid Surface special in that regard?

Let’s compare to laminate countertops, as they’re the most common outside stainless steel. Laminate countertops are made of wood and lined with a laminate sheet on the top and sides. It takes very little wear and tear before the color in the surface of the laminate sheeting begins to wear away. If you’ve ever been to a corner store with a big white patch in the middle of the counter, you know what I mean. Plus, the strips along the sides can easily be torn or broken off from someone rubbing against the edge of the counter. The laminate sheeting can also be easily cut, dented, cracked, and more.

With Solid Surface, none of these types of damage are a threat. The color goes all the way through the Solid Surface countertop, meaning no amount of wear and tear will strip it of its color. Plus, the durable and hard make of the countertop means damaging it is much harder. If any damage does occur, it’s easy to repair with some sanding or by applying some more of the liquid compound in the same color.