A More Functional Laundry Room with Solid SurfaceLaundry isn’t a big deal when it’s just you but, when you’ve got a whole family living together, it can become a huge task. Are you looking for a way to make laundry easier? Solid Surface is almost certainly the answer. Let’s take a look at some ways that Solid Surface can make your laundry room more functional.

Covering the Machine

So, one of the biggest problems with a laundry room’s functionality is that the washer and dryer take up a lot of space inefficiently. While they themselves are incredibly useful in their function, the space around them can’t be utilized. Storing things on top of the washer and dryer can lead to things falling behind them, between them, or beside them. It can also lead to scratches in the paint.

Scratches in the paint of your washer and dryer may not seem like a big deal, but they are. Paint is put on machinery to protect it from rusting. Because your washer and dryer are metal beneath all of their paint, they are susceptible to rust. Rust will eat through metal and weaken it. Plus, it just plain looks ugly in addition to getting on you and your clothing. Because your washer and dryer are constantly at risk of coming into contact with water through wet clothing, among other things, you need to avoid scratching their paint.

To make the space above your washer and dryer useful again, you should invest in a Solid Surface countertop. Putting a countertop over your washer and dryer will allow you to utilize that space without fear of scratching your machines or losing things in the gaps around them.

More Work Space

The most obvious way in which Solid Surface can improve the functionality of your laundry room is by giving you more work space. Trying to do laundry is a huge pain when your floor is being taken up by baskets of dirty laundry. Then you have to haul all of the clean laundry into another room to fold it. With the addition of a Solid Surface counter space, you can minimize your workload and maximize your productivity.

Being able to scoop clean laundry from the dryer and place it right on top of the Solid Surface countertop you’ve installed makes everything easier. You can change over your laundry and get to folding without all of the in-between steps.

Laundry Room Storage

Not only is a laundry room countertop good for folding, it also opens up a window of opportunity for storage. Baskets of dirty laundry can now be stored above your washer and dryer without risking the paint on either machine. Plus, if you want, you can even get a small, additional shelf above your work space. This additional shelf is perfect for storing soap, fabric softener, and any other cleaning products you keep in your laundry room.


The best part about Solid Surface is that it will remain sturdy through countless years of work. You can slide heavy baskets of laundry off and onto your counter without worrying about wearing a coating off. Because Solid Surface is one solid piece, it will maintain its color or design regardless of how much wear you put it through.

Corian Sinks

Last, but not least, Corian even offers Solid Surface sinks. If you have a little extra space in your laundry room, make your counter long enough to accommodate a sink. Having a large sink in your laundry room can be endlessly useful in cleaning up messes, prewashing something especially dirty, or rinsing off large objects.

If you want to make your laundry room more functional with a Solid Surface countertop, give us a call. We’re happy to help make your life a little easier with Corian.