Using Solid Surface for Professional Signage
Parts for Display Sign made of Solid Surface

Building a sign that you feel really captures the essence of your business can be a challenge. However, once you get the perfect sign, you want it to last, right? After just a few years, signs made out of your typical building materials end up damaged in one way or another. The good news is, there’s a new material in town and it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Here’s why Solid Surface is the best choice for professional signage.

Solid Surface is durable in ways most other materials aren’t. Let’s break down how other signs degrade so that we can compare and contrast.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are a classic. That’s because they’re easy to shape into whatever you want, allowing for a 3d sign that can be painted in whatever colors you want. Wood, however, being completely organic, is quick to degrade. Paint will chip after just a year or two of use and leave the wood uncoated and vulnerable to mold and rot. Wood is also vulnerable to chipping and splitting, especially when wet.

Solid Surface has many of the same benefits as wood. You can cut it, shape it, and make it into whatever color you want. It has additional benefits too. With the help of thermoforming, you can also bend it or twist it.

The best part is, because Solid Surface is all one color, through and through, you don’t need to paint it. Because Solid Surface is a compound that’s comparable to concrete, you also won’t be at risk of rotting like wood is. The only place where wood and Solid Surface overlap in terms of damage is breaking. Fortunately, breaks in Solid Surface can be easily repaired by filling cracks or gaps with more of the Solid Surface compound. Any blemishes left from the repair can be sanded out.

Plastic Signs

Plastic signs may seem like a solid bet because they won’t rot like wood. However, plastic can fall victim to cracking, fading, and mold. When a plastic sign cracks, there’s no good way of fixing it short of replacing it. Mildew can permanently stain the plastic as well. Therefore, even if you wash it every year, it’s likely to look discolored and ugly well before you have a real desire to replace it.

Solid Surface, being less porous than plastic, will not fade or discolor so easily. Even if your Solid Surface sign did take some damage to its color over many years, some simple sanding of the surfaces would unveil the original color lying just below.

Metal Signs

Metal signs may seem like a really sturdy option, but they’re actually far from it. That’s because metal must be painted or coated. Both paint and a higher grade coating can chip, crack, or otherwise wear off. Once the raw metal beneath is exposed, it’s likely to rust. Elements like sun and rain will make quick work of your coatings and leave you with a rusty sign. Rusty water running down your sign doesn’t exactly vouch for a business of quality.

Fortunately, Solid Surface doesn’t fall victim to rust, as it’s not metal-based. Solid Surface is the best material you can choose for a sign that you want to last. If you’re interested in the long-lasting durability of Solid Surface, give us a call. We look forward to helping you improve your business, one sign at a time.