Use Solid Surface to Create Artisan ColumnsIf you have an eye for strong architecture, you may have some opinions about columns. Here at Solid Surface Fabricator, we appreciate columns. They lend support to a structure, but they offer the opportunity to get creative. Considering Solid Surface does the same things, you can imagine why we think they work well together. So, can you use Solid Surface to create artisan columns? Absolutely!

Create Customizable Artisan Columns

There are lots of column styles to choose from. However, if you want a simple pillar in a plain cylinder or square shape, you can get those anywhere. What is it that makes columns artisanal? The artistry, of course!

Solid Surface is a liquid compound that hardens like cement when left to set. However, it’s not the same consistency as cement. It’s craftable, like wood. Once hardened, Solid Surface can be carved, sanded, cut, and more. That means a plain column made of Solid Surface has the potential to become just about any shape imaginable. Plus, the unique shapes possible with Solid Surface are only made more unique by your ability to make them any color you like.

Now that you know Solid Surface facilitates creativity, you may be wondering about its actual supportive properties. Will it be able to contribute to holding the weight of a roof? To find the answer, we need look no further than the Pompeii archeological site. Solid Surface is used as a roof to cover the site and protect it from weather damage. If it can handle that, you can bet it’s ready to help out with decorating your porch and doing a bit of heavy lifting. 

Professional Buildings

While larger buildings should only have weight bearing columns built using professional techniques, there’s nothing stopping you from using Solid Surface columns to improve the aesthetic side of things. You can create artisan columns for museum fronts, government buildings, libraries, and any other professional building you want. These columns will make a powerful statement about the importance of any building they’re installed on.

Estate Houses

If you have a large house on an estate, you may desire for your home’s outward appearance to be as powerful as some of those professional buildings we mentioned. After all, an estate is quite a statement by itself. Why not decorate accordingly?

With Solid Surface, you can create artisan columns with any design you want. Carve in a design. Fill the carving with another color of Solid Surface. Sand it down to reveal the beautiful combination of colors. How fancy you go with your columns is entirely up to you.

Craftsman Houses

If you have a craftsman house, your home likely already has columns framing the porch steps. However, nothing it stopping you from replacing them with something more your style. Hiring someone to create artisan columns for you from Solid Surface is one possibility. However, if you’re a crafter yourself, you might want to try doing it yourself. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as putting your own artist’s touch on your home.

If you’d like to order large chunks of Solid Surface to get to work with, give us a call. We can get you the dimensions you need.