Custom Kitchen Island Countertops from CorianMaking your kitchen personal, efficient, and attractive can take a lot of work. However, Corian Solid Surface makes the job a little easier. If you’re installing an island, you’re going to need kitchen island countertops. We suggest you get yours from Solid Surface Fabricator. Here’s what you would be missing if you didn’t.

Durability That Lasts

Just like cement, our countertops are made by mixing a powder with water. The chemical reaction caused by mixing the two makes it harden into one solid piece. And, just like cement, that solid piece is extremely durable.

In fact, Solid Surface is even stronger than concrete. Concrete is made with a lot of small pebbles and imperfections in it that weaken the overall product. Solid Surface is made with only powder, making the finished binding extremely strong.

Even so, every strong material does come with a breaking point. And, after something has broken, the value is in how easy it is to repair. Fortunately, Solid Surface is extremely easy to repair. If your kitchen island countertops are broken, scratched, cracked, dented, or otherwise damaged, they can be fixed with ease. Cracks and breaks can be repaired by applying more of the liquid compound between the two parts and “gluing” them back together. Once hardened, your countertop will be as strong as it started. Any seams created from the repair process can be sanded out, leaving your countertops looking like new.

Unique Colors and Patterns

Additionally, Corian Solid Surface comes in an endless array of colors. In fact, because Solid Surface starts out as a liquid, we can make it any color you want. Not to mention the patterns you can create. By using multiple colors and mixing, splashing, splattering, and blending, you can get virtually any pattern you want.

Plus, as the name suggests, that pattern runs all the way through. Scratching, denting, scraping, or otherwise damaging your kitchen island countertops will not remove or damage the pattern.

Easy Maintenance

Solid Surface comes with another benefit: easy maintenance. Cleaning these kitchen island countertops is easy as can be. Because they have no seams, there are no cracks to collect bacteria. Additionally, if you opt for an undermount sink – one from Solid Surface or elsewhere – you can even collect crumbs easier. Simply swiping them into the sink is easier than ever without the lip of a drop-in sink getting in the way.

Solid Surface for the Whole Kitchen

Solid Surface is a fantastic choice for custom kitchen island countertops, but it doesn’t have to end there. Outfitting your entire kitchen with Solid Surface is a choice you can’t regret. Custom colors can match throughout, and you can affordably boost the entire appearance and function of your kitchen.

If you want to know more about getting Solid Surface countertops for your kitchen island, or even the whole kitchen, just call us and let us know. We’re happy to help you throughout the process.