Custom Desks You Can Get with Solid Surface

If you’re moving to a new place or just looking to replace some of your old furniture, buying a custom desk may be a great choice for you. Whether you’re a freelance artist or a company executive that works from home, you deserve a desk that suits you. The wooden desks available at your average big box store are low on character and don’t add much to your interior. However, if you order a desk made of Solid Surface, you’ll have a piece of furniture with your signature style.

Your Favorite Color

The first thing that makes a custom desk a great way to express yourself is the ability to choose your favorite color. Don’t limit yourself to black or brown. When you order a Solid Surface desk, you can choose virtually any color you want. Choose something that matches your office interior. Pick a color that stands out as a centerpiece. Go with the color that’s nearest and dearest to your heart. No matter how you prefer to decorate, we’ll have a color that fits right in.

A Unique Shape

Tired of boring, rectangular desks? Most desks that you can buy and assemble are a simple rectangular shape. Not only is this due to cheap design, but to make assembly easier. Plus, rectangular pieces are easier to package and make shipping and storing easier and cheaper for manufacturers. Unfortunately, rectangular desks aren’t fun and they don’t add anything to an office space. They’re unattractive and bland. 

Fortunately, Solid Surface is shaped using thermoforming. That means it can be bent, curved, and otherwise manipulated into virtually any shape you want. This allows our clients to order a truly unique custom desk for their office.

Want a desk with a curved surface? How about a desktop that slopes down at one side? You can even order a desk with built-in shelving. The possibilities are almost limitless when using a material that functions much like plastic, without all the downsides.

Built to Last

The thing that really sets Solid Surface apart from the competition is that it’s really built to last. If you take a look at most standard desks, they tend to wear down in just a few years. This is especially true with laminated desks. Laminated pieces tend to loosen. Glue weakens and the laminate starts to come off. Desk surfaces lose their protective coating and the finish is rubbed clean. Even worse, you can eventually end up with the desk surface splintering because it was made with low-quality particle-board.

Solid Surface has none of these problems. Because our products are made in one solid piece, you don’t have to worry about coatings coming off. Even after years of wear and tear, there’s no coating you can wear through. The worst case scenario you can encounter with a Solid Surface custom desk is a crack or a slight dip worn into the surface if it’s heavily used. Both of these are easily fixed by having your desk repaired

Cracks are filled with the same compound used to make the desk. When it’s dry, it can be sanded down and it looks good as new. Uneven wear and tear can be sanded smooth and it’s like it was never there. Solid Surface is built to last, so you can count on your custom desk being around for many years to come.