Custom Shelving Made of a Reliable MaterialIt can be hard to come by shelving that’s truly quality-made these days. Even for simple shelves made out of a real, solid material – like wood – the price can be outrageous. This is almost entirely because they’re so hard to come by. The price is higher because someone had to put in the work to make them by hand. But, in the end, even solid wood shelving is fallible and made of wood. Wouldn’t you like to have custom shelving that will last you for many years? Shelving made of a reliable material and that can be repaired easily? Solid Surface may be the unexpected answer to your problems.

What Is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a material compound, much like cement. It starts off as a powder, gets mixed with water, and then reacts in a way that hardens it. This makes it especially useful for things that require slabs, such as countertops. The Solid Surface compound can simply be put into a mold of the correct dimensions. Then, when it’s hardened, it can be sanded down on the edges to ensure it’s smooth and attractive, making it a great countertop.

However, Solid Surface can be used for much more than countertops. This unique material can be used for nearly anything. It can be sculpted, molded, thermoformed, carved, sanded, and more. So, shelving, which is a step up in difficulty from countertops, is easy to accomplish.

Custom Shelving Possibilities

The thing with Solid Surface is that it allows for an incredible amount of customizability. Due to the many ways it can be altered, it’s possible to curve it, angle it, and achieve many other results in shape. But, that’s not the only thing that makes it easy to personalize. Solid Surface can also come in virtually any color desired. Because it’s pigmented with the powders that make it up, the pigments can be adjusted. So, if you want a curvy, pink bookshelf, we can make it happen.

Plus, you can use multiple colors in Solid Surface. Want a black shelf frame with a shelf in each color of the rainbow? We can absolutely make that happen. The possibilities are truly endless.

Custom Shelving That Lasts

One of the most attractive things about Solid Surface is how durable it is. Just how durable is it? Let’s check out some of the ways it stands up to wear and tear. 

Solid Surface:

  • Doesn’t have any coatings to be worn through. Even if there is a lot of wear on the surface of a shelf, it will remain the same color through and through.
  • Is heat resistant by most standards. A direct flame might not be the best idea, but your hot coffee mug or water spilled by a kettle will not damage it and can simply be wiped off.
  • Is strong, the same way cement is. It is not easily damaged by impact.
  • Can be repaired easily. Because Solid Surface is all one piece, dents can be sanded smooth. Plus, if your Solid Surface shelving develops a crack or a complete break, we can still fix it. It can be repaired by applying more of the same-colored compound like glue. Once the applied compound has dried, the surfaces surrounding the crack will be sanded smooth again. That leaves you with a seamlessly repaired shelf – good as new!

Let’s Talk Design

If you have a custom shelving design you would like to see become reality, call us at Solid Surface Fabricator. We would love to discuss the possibility of bringing your design to life. We look forward to hearing from you.