Solid Surface for Your Custom Designed Fireplace MantelFor many of us, owning a built in fireplace is a dream of luxury. Wood stoves are nice and they do the job they’re expected to. A built in fireplace, on the other hand, is beautiful, functional, and does its job. But, what’s better than a standard fireplace? One that’s been customized to exactly what you want, of course! Here’s how Solid Surface can help you achieve that.

Benefits of a Fireplace

If you have no fireplace, and having one hasn’t been a desire of yours, you may be wondering what the hype is all about. The fact is, fireplaces have a lot of great perks.

  • Fireplaces are great for heating up your home without raising the electric bill. If you live somewhere with easy access to firewood, it can be a huge money-saver. More rural homes can benefit massively from having one.
  • Because of the open and easy-to-reach flame, you can cook things over the fire in your fireplace. Smores anyone?
  • Fireplaces also add to the resale value of your home. If you don’t plan to live in your current home forever, remember that your price may go up after installing a fireplace.
  • And, lastly, built-in fireplaces come with a mantel. A mantel isn’t necessarily life-altering, but it does come with perks. For instance, you can set up photos or other decor on it. It’s also a good, central place for a clock – a popular choice.

What is a Mantel?

Because this article is about how Solid Surface can benefit you on your quest to get a fireplace, we’ll focus on what we can provide: a mantel. But first, what is a mantel?

A fireplace is typically set into the wall with a frame around it. This frame usually extends down the outside edges of the fireplace as well as juts out at the top. The part at the top is what most consider the mantel.

The mantel, coming out from the wall, gives you a surface for decor or functional use. It can be used for hanging stockings during Christmas season as well as for setting up picture frames, candles, or garlands.

Custom Designed Fireplace Mantel

Why would you want to have a custom designed fireplace mantel? Well, the mantel is what gives a fireplace most of its character. Without a mantel, all fireplaces are just a hole in the wall where you can light a fire. The mantel is what makes the fireplace a design element of your living space. Therefore, having one custom designed can give you a completely personalized fireplace.

The Possibilities

What does Solid Surface offer in terms of possibilities? Solid Surface comes in virtually any color you can ask for. It can be molded, thermoformed, and altered after it’s cooled and hardened. Also, it has roughly the same alterable potential as wood. It can be carved, lathed, have sculpted pieces attached to it, and more.

These capabilities make Solid Surface a great choice for a custom designed fireplace mantel. Choose the color you think will best suit your home, find a design online or make one yourself, and come talk with us about your vision. If we can make innovative furniture, countertops, and bathroom fixtures out of Solid Surface, we can make you one gorgeous fireplace mantel. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help.