We all know Solid Surface is a great material for things such as counters, desks, and interior design elements. But, what else can this amazing material do? It’s time we put Solid Surface to use for projects that are more creative than your average slab of countertop. Today, we want to talk about making a tensegrity table.

What Is a Tensegrity Table?

Most people don’t know what a tensegrity table is. It’s the kind of outside-the-box artistry that can only be learned from the innovative sides of the internet or by going to an art show.

Tensegrity tables are functional pieces of art that are both fun to look at and puzzling to figure out, if you’ve never seen one. That makes them fantastic conversation starters if you invite friends or guests over.

Here’s an example of a tensegrity table designed by Seabird HH on MyMiniFactory using a 3D printer:

Make a Tensegrity Table with Solid Surface - photo by Seabird HH on MyMiniFactory.com

Looks unreal, right? Actually, it’s completely real! Tensegrity tables are built to look like the tabletop is floating – suspended above the base by magic. It’s actually an optical illusion created by tension in the chains or wires holding it together. This effect is especially amplified by using wires that are nearly invisible.

How Does a Tensegrity Table Work?

The question is, how does the magic of a tensegrity table work? Moreover, how can you bring one to life yourself, with the help of Solid Surface? When looking at a tensegrity table, it’s easy to look to the outer wires as the source of stability, which is why it makes no sense to the human brain at first. However, if you look closely at the example, you’ll see that there is a support that allows the tabletop structure to hang from the base structure, usually in the middle. Just look for where the two structures cross paths, putting the base into position above the top.

You might be thinking now, “How is one wire doing that? Shouldn’t the top just fall over?” If you’re asking that, you’re exactly right. With just the support wire, the tabletop would fall right onto the ground. That’s where the tension wires come in. All of the outer wires are there to provide tension. If you remember the support chain is the center point, try to imagine a direction the tabletop could fall. Notice how, no matter what direction you imagine it falling, the tension wires would prevent the motion? That’s the magic of a tensegrity table. 

How Do You Make a Tensegrity Table?

To make a tensegrity table, we highly recommend checking out some videos online. There are many crafters who have documented their process. The part where Solid Surface comes in is the provision of material. Solid Surface, as a material, is a great choice for creative, artistic projects. You can order it in nearly any color. It can be molded, thermoformed, carved, sanded, and so much more. Plus, if you use more of the compound used to create Solid Surface, you can adhere two pieces of Solid Surface together more strongly than with any glue.

Use this durable, repairable, and innovative material to create a piece of furniture that’s as stunning as it is functional. Call us today if you have questions about acquiring Solid Surface or how to use it.