Get Unique Kitchen Countertop Colors from CorianIf you’re looking to make your kitchen unique, one of the easiest ways to make it stand out from the crowd is by choosing a unique kitchen countertop color. You may be wondering how easy that really is, when most stores only offer wood grain or stone. The truth is, it’s never been easier. Corian Solid Surface does away with the old rules and standards of design. Here’s how you can use that to your advantage.

Make Bold Shapes

The first rule you can say goodbye to is that your countertop must be a flat rectangle. Bland, rectangular stone and wood cuts are old news. With Solid Surface, your unique kitchen countertop can be whatever shape you want.

When we pour our liquid compound, it goes into a mold of our making. That means whatever shape you want, we can make a reality. Plus, whatever shape the mold takes is only just the beginning. Once the compound has solidified, we can thermoform it into ever more interesting shapes.

That means your curvy, beveled, multi-level countertop is only a phone call away. 

Use Unique Colors

Your unique kitchen countertop needs a color before it can take shape. However, because we add colors to the liquid compound, we can mix any color you want. Not to mention, we can combine colors in fun new ways with each custom order we fill.

If you want bright colors, you get bright colors. We can blend them, swirl them, splash them, splatter them, and more. If you can think up a design for your unique kitchen countertop, we can make it a reality.

Create New Designs

With the freedom to choose any color, any shape, and any design, the possibilities are limitless. Send us your designs when you request a quote or make an order and we can make a plan together. We love seeing the creative new countertops our clients order every day, and we hope to see yours next!

Rely on Corian Solid Surface

Corian Solid Surface isn’t all about appearances and versatility; we’re also about quality and longevity. Fortunately, we’re reliable in both respects. If you want a countertop that will last for generations, Corian is where your journey starts. Our countertops are hard to damage, easy to repair, and last a lifetime.

Additionally, Solid Surface is more hygienic than many other types of countertops. Tiled or laminated countertops provide seams for bacteria to take refuge in. Solid Surface is completely seamless, even if it’s built with more than one part. Because it’s made of a liquid compound, we can use that same compound like glue to connect the pieces, then sand away the seam. That leaves a completely flat surface, which is easy to sanitize – a vital part of keeping food prep safe and healthy.