Replace Laminate Countertops with Solid SurfaceSo you’ve decided your kitchen or bathroom needs a pick-me-up. Now it’s time to figure out what to replace first. If you have laminate counters, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out there’s a better alternative. Laminate counters may have variety, but they consistently fall short of our expectations. From the coating peeling off to the chips in its surface, laminate counters degrade fairly quickly. What are our other options? Sure, there are stone countertops like marble, but they don’t stand up to Solid Surface. Here’s why you should replace laminate countertops with Solid Surface.

A Wide Variety of Styles

If you’ve gotten attached to the variety that laminate counters offer, you won’t be disappointed by Corian. Corian Solid Surface comes in a large variety of colors and designs. The difference between the two is that Solid Surface designs go all the way through. Any damage done to the surface of your Corian counters can be buffed out or repaired without upsetting the flow of the design or pattern.

Not only can you choose from a huge number of colors and patterns, Solid Surface can also be cut the way you like. The back edges of your counters can show a lot more character with a custom cut.

Durable and Long Lasting

One of the biggest pros to using Solid Surface is its durability. Solid Surface is made to last. Its toughness keeps it from getting damaged as easily as laminate. Impact and sharp objects are no match for this versatile material. The surface is more heat resistant and a hot pan won’t warp your countertop either. Laminate counters are altogether weak compared to Solid Surface. Those things that would destroy your laminate counter entirely would be nothing but an inconvenience with Solid Surface.

In the case that you do damage your Solid Surface counters, repair is easy! Scratches can be buffed out without hurting the design. Cracks can be filled with more of the same material and smoothed down so that the damage is nothing but a bad memory.

Unlike Laminate, Solid Surface Has Matching Sinks

Solid Surface is such an adaptable product that it can also be used to make sinks. Solid Surface sinks have the same durability as their countertop counterparts. Not only that, but they match! You can order a sink with the same design as your counters, or even order something different that compliments your counters instead. Laminate can’t do that. Corian sinks are attached seamlessly so that cleaning is a breeze and there are less places for harmful bacteria to hide.

It’s time to ditch the laminate and upgrade to the far superior Corian Solid Surface.