Integrated Sinks Achievable with Solid SurfaceHave you heard of integrated sinks? Along with every new design trend comes a new way to install sinks. Integrated sinks are one of the popular choices from the last few years. Not only are these sinks a popular design choice, they come with a number of other benefits. Furthermore, they go perfectly with Solid Surface counters. So, what exactly are integrated sinks?

What are They?

Integrated sinks are, simply put, one with the counter. Traditional sinks can be installed in any number of ways. There are those that are bowls that are set into a hole in the countertop. Some are mounted underneath the countertop so that the edge of the counter rests on top of the sink’s edge. There are even basin sinks that are simply a bowl set on top of a counter.

Integrated sinks do away with the separation of sink and counter. Your integrated sink is built into your countertop. There are a lot of benefits to this arrangement. Let’s take a look at some of them!

The Benefits of Integration

Integrated sinks don’t stand out. So, if you’re passionate about interior design or you just like your home to look a certain way, you’ll love this. Metal sinks have a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb. If your kitchen colors are black and red, a steel sink has no place in it. Consider, instead, a black countertop that blends seamlessly into your black, integrated sink.

Integrated sinks are also more hygienic. Because they’re seamless, there aren’t any pesky cracks, seams, or edges where bacteria can hide and grow. This makes food preparation safer and your kitchen experience more sanitary.

Cleanup is a breeze as well. Because you’re not fighting mildew, mold, and mineral buildup in the creases of your sink, it’s easy to wipe down in one go. Plus, if you have remnants of your dinner preparation on the counter, you can swipe the crumbs into the sink without having to fight the lip of a top-mounting sink.

Solid Surface Sinks

Buying your integrated sink from Solid Surface comes with more than just practical benefits. Solid Surface is made of a hardening compound. That means it’s highly customizable. Not only can you buy your Solid Surface countertop with an integrated sink, you can choose from a virtually endless number of colors and have it shaped to your liking.

Because Solid Surface is formed using a mixture of heat, tools, and part adherence, you can do anything you want with it. If you want a curved countertop, we can make it happen. If you want a wide sink that can handle large pans and cooking equipment, we can do that too. Solid Surface is a cook’s dream. Not only is it easy to change its shape, it’s hardy and easy to repair in case it takes some kind of damage. Corian Solid Surface is a great investment for any kitchen.

If you have questions or want to order a Solid Surface integrated sink, contact us. We’re more than happy to answer your questions and help you with your order.