Solid Surface Vs Damage and Rough UseCountertops can take a lot of wear and tear over the years. Unfortunately, they don’t always come out looking as good as when you bought them. Laminate counters end up with their coating peeling off – especially the sides. Hard stone can end up with chips and cracks that collect bacteria and dirt. It’s good news then that Solid Surface countertops can stand up to wear and tear significantly better than their counterparts. How do they do it? Let’s take a look.

A Strong Compound

Let’s take a look at the bare essentials of Solid Surface first. Solid Surface is made from a compound the same way that concrete is. What sets it apart from concrete is its malleability under high temperatures. What this gives you is an incredibly strong, durable base material.

In heavily used kitchens where one does a lot of cooking, this is invaluable.

Moving around heavy pots and pans filled with food can end up with a lot of lower quality countertops breaking under the pressure – literally! The propensity for laminate countertops to get dented or scratched from large cookware is high. Additionally, there’s no easy way to repair damaged laminate.

Repair is Easy

Even if you manage to damage Solid Surface with your cooking practices, it’s incredibly easy to repair. Scratches, dents, and even complete breaks can be repaired by using Solid Surface of the same color as an adhesive. We simply apply the compound, let it set, and then sand the surface flat again.

Rough Use

Because Solid Surface is so easy to repair, it’s a great choice for counters in harm’s way. If you have a garage workshop where you frequently use tools or machinery, you’ve probably got a pretty beat up workbench on your hands. Whether your current bench is made of hard plastic, metal, or wood, it’s almost definitely got some large dents and scratches marring its surface.

If you implemented Solid Surface for your workbench, you would have an altogether superior experience. For one thing, it’s harder to damage Solid Surface in the first place. Because it’s such a hard material, it doesn’t cave under te head of a hammer the same way metal or wood does. And finally, when you’ve finally done a number on it over the course of years of work, you can have it repaired to looking good as new with ease.

Completely Customizable

Plus, you really can’t beat the customizability options available to you with Solid Surface. Not only can you pick the color you want, you can choose the shape too. Solid Surface is ideal for the creative spirit. If you want your product to be teal, so be it. If you want your counter curved for maximum efficiency, we’ve got your back. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter countertops when you could have a unique counter that’s made just for you.

Order Now

When you’re ready to make your order of Solid Surface, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and are more than happy to help you get exactly what you want. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.