Unique Chair and Desk Designs That Are Possible with CorianDid you know Corian can be used to make chairs and desks? It’s true! There’s a lot that can be done with Corian Solid Surface. Because Solid Surface is such a flexible material, there is really no end to how it can be utilized when making unique chair and desk designs. Want to take a peek into what possibilities there are? Let’s take a look.

Creative Shapes and Angles

One of the coolest things about Solid Surface is its ability to be made into cool shapes and formed with neat angles. This capability is due to a few things.

  1. It’s made with a liquid compound that hardens like cement. That means it can be put into a mold in its liquid state to make neatly curved or angular pieces.
  2. It can be thermoformed – meaning we can use heat to shape it. While Solid Surface is in its last stages of setting, applying heat lets us curve and bend it in whatever way we like. So, like plastic or metal, this can be used to make unique chair and desk designs.
  3. It can be manipulated after setting. Solid Surface is able to be carved, sanded, cut, and more. This gives it the material flexibility of something like wood. Patterns and designs can be carved into it, as well as pieces cut out of it. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized Colors

Shapes and angles are useless if they’re in a color you hate. Tired of boring brown and black? Try something that pops and feels really you with your unique chair and desk designs. Corian Solid Surface can be made into any color you want. Because it’s a simple liquid compound, it can have any type of color mixed into it before being left to set. That means your desk can be bright blue, through and through. Your chair or bench can be a lovely, pale pink, all the way to its center. No matter what color you need, we can help you.

This ability to color Solid Surface however you want is a huge perk for people with unique interiors. If you have an office that’s themed with purple, a brown desk is going to clash. However, a purple desk – or even a black one with a purple accent color – might be just the thing.

Color Combinations

That brings us to our last point. Corian Solid Surface can also utilize more than one color. If your desk is made up of multiple pieces of Solid Surface, they can be made with different colors and then connected using some of the liquid compound like glue. When it hardens, the joint will be just as strong as the rest of the piece.

Not only that, you can also use colors to gradient or swirl. Pouring two batches of Solid Surface liquid compound into a surface mold leaves you with two options. You can gently mix them in the middle, allowing them to become somewhat gradiented. Or, you can drag a mixer through the different colors, swirling them together like marble cake batter. Either way, the result is beautiful.

Plus, with a combination of sculpting capabilities and the use of the liquid compound like glue, you can also cut out certain shapes from a base and fill the holes with a new color. This can give you the freedom to add words, patterns, shapes, or logos to your unique chair and desk designs.

Start Your Unique Chair and Desk Designs Today

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