Make Your Kitchen Unique with CorianThere’s something truly satisfying about making your house your own. Sometimes that means designing it to fit a popular style that you think suits you. Other times it means coming up with a style all your own. When you’re looking to make your home unique you sometimes have to go out of your way to find the right interior elements. That’s the price to have a home that really embodies the one-of-a-kind person you are.

But not when it comes to countertops!

As difficult as finding the perfect rug or furniture might be, look no further than Corian for your countertop needs!

Pick Your Color

Trying to find a countertop that matches a unique interior can be a huge pain. Any of the more interesting colors are mainly available in laminate. Laminate counters are low quality though! How will your kitchen color scheme unfold properly if you can only find quality in boring grayscale?

Solid Surface is your key! Corian Solid Surface comes in virtually any color you want. Because of the way our counters are manufactured, we’re able to create a massive number of colors. That means if your heart desired sea green or hot pink, we’ve got you covered.

Your Sink Can Match

One of the hardest parts of designing an unusual kitchen is finding a sink that meshes well. The harsh shine of a steel sink will stick out something awful if the rest of the room is softer tones. That’s where Solid Surface saves the day. We not only offer custom countertops, we also offer Solid Surface Sinks to match.

Their seamless edges will blend right in to your counter and your original design plans.

Durable and Lasting

Sometimes unique interiors come and go with a passing, artistic whim. Sometimes, that whim just happens to stick around for a while. If you redo your interior and you never stop loving your results, you’ll want what you built it with to last.

Solid Surface is long-lasting, durable, and will hold out as long as you want it to remain part of your kitchen. Because its made from all one piece of fabricated material, you won’t wear through the pattern. Any scratches or other kinds of surface damage can be fixed with some sanding. Bigger damage from an impact incident, like cracks, can be fixed by calling on the help of one of our professionals. By using the same material the counter was made with, we can mend cracks. We’ll just seal them up again and sand the surface smooth.

Solid Surface being mendable is only one of its quality perks. Our counters are also safe with cleaners, less likely to harbor bacteria, and won’t warp from heat. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your boring, run-of-the-mill counters, Corian is enthusiastic to assist!