How Solid Surface Will Help Your 2019 Kitchen RemodelWith a new year comes new possibilities! Will 2019 be the year you finally get that upgrade to your kitchen that you’ve been waiting for? If so, we’d love to tell you how Solid Surface could fit into your remodel plans. Let’s take a look.

Completely Customizable

Remodeling your kitchen can be a huge undertaking. It’s a chance to finally get the design and aesthetic you’ve been wanting all these years. That’s why Solid Surface is a fantastic fit! Corian comes in a huge variety of colors so you can choose exactly what you need for your dream kitchen.

Get A Matching Sink

Don’t want a metal sink under an earth-toned countertop? No problem! Corian also offers Solid Surface Sinks that can match your countertops. They’re made of the same material and are completely seamless. This is great when you need a hardy sink that doesn’t stick out from the rest of your color scheme.

Stable and Durable

Solid Surface makes for a really durable and long-lasting countertop. Because our countertops are made of all one piece, there are no weak seams where it can misalign or break apart. Not only will they not break at the seams, they’re hard to damage.

Solid Surface is fairly damage resistant which means your counters will last as long as you enjoy them. Any scuffs or scratches can be buffed out easily without compromising the beautiful color or design of your countertop.

Solid Surface gets its name because it’s a solid piece of material. The pattern on its surface goes all the way through. Unlike laminate countertops, you won’t have any problems with the design peeling off. It’s the same design, even in the middle.

Pick Your Shape

No matter the size of counter you need, Solid Surface can fit your needs. Because our countertops are made by mixing a compound and letting it harden, we can make your counters as big as you need them. This also means you can have the shape customized by having the material cut.

Do you want a curvy edge to your counter? How about a raised back that functions as a backsplash? You can have it all with how flexible our designs are.

Safe and Easy to Clean

If you’re sold on the design capabilities but still want to know more, we should tell you about its sanitation qualities.

Solid Surface is easy to clean, without ridges or seams that are hard to scrub dirt from. You can get Corian countertops clean without having to hurt your arm or use harsh chemicals. They’re also proven to be safer for preparing food on because there are no cracks or seams where bacteria can hide.

Most counters have cracks or seams in one place or another and all of them collect bacteria. Those cracks are dark and washing over them will only make things worse by introducing moisture. It’s not uncommon to have mold or harmful food borne pathogens hiding on your countertop. You won’t have that problem with Solid Surface!