Replace Outdated Tile Countertops with CorianOld, tile countertops were a huge trend in the late half of the twentieth century. However, tile countertops come with a lot of drawbacks – especially when they’re decades old. If you’ve got outdated tile countertops and want to replace them, let us encourage you. Here are some reasons you should make the switch to Corian Solid Surface.

Tile Countertops Are Less Sanitary

Did you know tile countertops are actually less sanitary than something like Solid Surface? The fact is, because tiles are uneven and have dips where they’re grouted together, they’re hard to keep clean. Bacteria and food residue can end up collecting along the grout of a tile countertop, creating an unsanitary environment. And, I don’t know about you, but my kitchen isn’t where I want doubt in sanitation.

Smooth Surfaces Make Better Countertops

Setting aside convenience for a moment, a smooth surface, like that of Solid Surface, makes a better countertop. Even if we only consider sanitation, a smooth surface is superior. When you replace outdated tile countertops with Solid Surface, you can clean effectively. Wiping down Solid Surface allows you to reach every inch of the surface with ease. There are no dips and grooves for food to hide. Instead, you can kill off all the bacteria and food hazards in one go with some good spray cleaner and a simple rag.

Solid Surface Won’t Crack Like Tile

On a somewhat related note, tile countertops are prone to cracking. Whether it’s because the grout has cracked away from the tiles and left even more gaps for bacteria to hide, or because a heavy pan got dropped on a tile and broke it in half, it just happens. Years of use leave a tile countertop with a lot more cracks and crevices than is safe or healthy in a kitchen.

Solid Surface, on the other hand, won’t crack like tile. Not only is it extremely durable and damage resistant, it’s easy to repair. If you do manage to get a crack in your Solid Surface countertop, it can be easily repaired by giving us a call.

The reason it’s so easy to repair comes down to how it’s made. Solid Surface is made by mixing a liquid compound, like cement. However, unlike cement, this compound is smooth and makes a fantastic countertop. If you get a crack in your countertop, we can simply mix up a bit more of the liquid compound in the same color and use it to fill the crack. We can even reconnect two parts that have completely broken apart. When the compound has hardened, we simply sand it down and the damage disappears entirely. It’s stronger than ever too.

Solid Surface Is Customizable

Do you enjoy the often bright colors of tile countertops? Are you loathe to give yours up in favor of a bland brown or black? If so, we have great news for you. Solid Surface is extremely customizable. You can choose the color, pattern shape, and more. Don’t sacrifice character for hygiene and durability when you can have all three in one. Replace your old tile countertops with Solid Surface.