Why-Solid-Surface-Makes-A-Superior-BacksplashHaving a modern kitchen isn’t just a statement of style and class these days. A modern kitchen is more functional and more practical! One important feature of a modern kitchen that frequently goes unnoticed is the backsplash. A backsplash doesn’t just add a nice design flair to your kitchen aesthetic. A backsplash is there so that things like grease and food splatters can be cleaned up easily without damaging paint or wallpaper while scrubbing. What should you be looking for in a backsplash? What is it that makes Solid Surface the superior choice?


Solid Surface Won’t Fall Apart Like Tile

When looking for the right backsplash, people are quick to look into tile. Tile is so fashionable and varied. You can do so much with it. Why is Solid Surface better than tile? One of the best reasons to choose Solid Surface over tile is that Solid Surface is one cohesive piece. While tile may look cool, what’s not cool is when the tiles begin to get loose and fall off after only a few years of use. Who wants their kitchen to look trashy with missing tiles? You won’t have that problem with Solid Surface.


It’s Durable And Long Lasting

Not only will you not have an issue with pieces coming loose, you won’t have a problem with it cracking either. Solid Surface is durable and lasting. It isn’t brittle and easy to break like tile, nor is it cheap and easy to split like a plastic backsplash would be. Solid Surface is made with a compound that is tough. It’s often used for counter tops where it’s frequently under a lot of stress from knives, heavy pots and pans, and impact from dishes. If it can stand up to those things, it will have no problem standing up to anything likely to come into contact with is as a backsplash. Even if you found a way to damage it while using your kitchen, Solid Surface is resilient. Chips, scratches, and the like are all easy to buff out. Solid Surface will look the same no matter how deep you buff it. It’s completely solid and its pattern isn’t just surface deep.


Corian Is Easier To Clean

With Corian Solid Surface, you won’t have to deal with the annoying grout you would have with tile. Grout can be a huge pain when trying to scrub down your walls or backsplash. The option to have completely smooth Solid Surface will save your arms and back a lot of aches and pains with its quick cleanup. Not only does the lack of grout make it easier to clean, but a Solid Surface backsplash will also be more sanitary as grout is a great place for bacteria to hide and grow.


Solid Surface Is More Stylish Than The Other Options

Tile might come in a lot of variety, but Corian Solid Surface can match it. Solid Surface comes in a huge variety of colors and styles and can be ordered to match whatever aesthetic you’re aiming for with your kitchen. Not only can you custom choose the color and style, you can