Taking Advantage of Solid Surface CommerciallySolid Surface has a lot of benefits for the average person in need of a counter or sink. But what can it do for business owners? There are plenty of reasons why Solid Surface is superior to laminate or stone countertops. Let’s see how some of those reasons translate commercially.


Solid Surface is great as a kitchen counter, but that’s not all it can be! Corian has made a product that’s great for a large number of things. Some of those things are counters, some aren’t.

If you own just about any kind of store, you probably have a counter where people pay for goods. If you go into any small store that’s been around for a while, one look at their counter will show its age. Sliding merchandise and money across a laminate counter will rub clean the design until there’s a big wear spot. It’s unsightly and not easy to fix without covering the counter up with something. The edges of a laminate counter can chip easily and the laminate coating can come loose when the glue gets old.

This is where Corian shines. Solid Surface isn’t coated in anything. As the name implies, it’s solid all the way through. The pattern in your Corian counter won’t wear off with use and there’s no adhered coating that can break loose after years of use. Years of wear might cause a slight dip in the counter but Solid Surface can be leveled out easily with a little sanding.

Versatility As A Countertop

Because of Solid Surface’s hardy nature, it can be used in any setting that requires a countertop. Not only is it durable, it’s also incredibly versatile. You can order Corian in over a hundred colors and have it cut into the custom shape you find best suits your needs!

Better For Sanitation

Public spaces like stores and anywhere else with a service desk are collection spots for bacteria. Countless people go to a service area in a day and lean on the counter between them and an administrative employee. Each person who touches that counter has touched countless other things since the last time they washed their hands.

The last thing you want is for your employees or other customers to get sick because your commercial environment isn’t getting cleaned properly. The thing is, even when a laminate or coated counter gets wiped down, there’s no guarantee you got everything. Pesky germs hide easily in the crevices where two pieces of laminate meet as well as cracks in the counter’s surface. And what’s worse, every time you wipe down a counter, you’re causing further wear.

Solid Surface doesn’t have any seams the way laminate does. There’s no coating for bacteria to hide under or between and no cracks to collect dirt and germs. Even if you wipe down a Solid Surface counter religiously, you won’t wear through the pattern. That makes Solid Surface incredibly beneficial for environments that invite a lot of contact with customers.