Why Solid Surface Makes the Best Professional Kitchen CountertopAny kitchen needs a quality countertop. However, a professional kitchen countertop needs something a bit… extra. The amount of work done in a professional kitchen can destroy an unsuitable countertop in mere months. However, the standard of stainless steel, used in large restaurant kitchens, isn’t right for every establishment. If you have a professional kitchen in a small cafe, coffee shop, or other eatery, Solid Surface is the better choice. Here’s why.


Anyone who works in a kitchen knows it’s a very hands-on, fast-paced, and rough environment. There are hot pans and heavy dishes, sharp knives and dirty utensils. The amount of things that are put down and picked up off of a professional kitchen countertop in a day are uncountable. That’s why it’s so important to have a durable countertop.

Solid Surface is a great choice for a professional kitchen countertop because of its durability. This compound is made to take on anything. Hot pans won’t permanently damage it and neither will a sharp utensil hitting it a bit too fast for comfort. Solid Surface is made to last. 


Wondering what happens if you do manage to damage your Solid Surface countertop? One of Solid Surface’s best features is its repairability. Because Solid Surface is made from a liquid compound, like cement, it’s easy to repair.

Dents, scratches, and other superficial damage can be buffed out with some sanding. Cracks and breaks can be mended by applying some more of the liquid compound and then letting it harden. When it’s had time to harden, it will be as strong as it was when it was made. The repaired area can then be sanded down to smooth perfection.

Customizable Comfort

Solid Surface comes with the ability to customize your professional kitchen countertop. While stainless steel may be an industry standard, it’s cold and impersonal. It works well in an extremely professional environment, like a large restaurant. However, smaller cafes become a second home for many of the people who work there. Many family-owned establishments are doing all they can to feel welcoming – to customers and staff alike.

Therefore, if you want a professional kitchen countertop that doesn’t look so… sterile, Solid Surface is the way to go. You can customize the color of your countertop. If you have a dark aesthetic, you could go for black, or if you’d rather it have a cleaner look, you could go with white. Both can be designed to look like marble or other natural stones. Or, if your kitchen needs a bit of personality, you could opt for any other color you want. Because Solid Surface is made from a liquid compound, we can mix in any color you like before letting it set. The possibilities are endless.

Additionally, Solid Surface is shapeable. If you need a curved countertop, one with multiple heights, a beveled edge, a hole for a trash shoot, or any other feature, we can make it happen. Give us a call now to discuss plans for your new professional kitchen countertop.